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Hay For Sale, Hay For Sale Near Me, Hay Bales For Sale, Alfalfa Hay For Sale, Buy hay online, Order hay online, , Purchase hay online here at / at affordable prices. We are number manufacturers, producers and suppliers of high quality hay here in the USA and we offer delivery within the US and worldwide at buyers’ request. Buying alfalfa hay online, Purchasing hay online is very difficult since you just can’t buy from anyone who does not understand the everyday needs and challenges. The Prime’s Family has been farming and ranching in the USA with over 30 years of Trust and experience. Hay production to us is not just a business but an art and a priority to attain quality and rapidness in terms of deliveries. All stages of hay making are carried out with our own facilities and equipment which means a crop can be cut, raked, baled and picked up with no waiting delays. All hay is stored in sheds in sections of grades, hay types and bale sizes. 

We produce the best qualities of Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, Bermudagrass hay, Clover hays, Oat hay, Orchard Grass, Prairie hay, Peanut hay, Mountain grass, Sudan grass, Grass for mules and more. We specialize in on-farm sale of hay to small and large livestock, dairy and equine producers and hobbyists. We primarily bale small, two-string bales for ease of handling, and we harvest and store our hay to emphasize quality and consistency. We produce large hay bales, both square and round bales. Our large bales are 3’x4′ weighing in at an average of 1,400 lbs – 1,600 lbs and our small square bales weighing at about 100 lbs – 150 lbs. We have our own fleet of trucks and drivers available to deliver your hay order throughout the USA.


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We put up a number of acres ourselves but work with other quality farmers across the prairies in order to keep hauling distances lower for our clients which also helps in our prices. We are continually sourcing farms that have the same values in order to always bring that old fashioned quality service.

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Get Free Delivery/Shipping on all orders since all our prices also includes delivery to your forage! All orders are dispatched from the USA and will arrive in 3-5 days within the USA and 15-20 days worldwide.

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CIF prices for our overseas buyers. We have very fast bale stacking equipment so your hay is in the stack quickly and not exposed to rain or sun bleaching in the field. A Secure Online Hay Farm with Fresh Horse Hay & Alfalfa. Secure Online Payments.

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We take great pride in the Quality and Consistency of our hay. We cut our hay at tenth bloom and at the right time of day insuring you a high feed value, good color, and that wonderful smell that tells you this is Quality

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